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Welcome to the official website of the Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan! This is a meager contribution to the new evangelization effort being led by the Catholic Church.


Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan

The Christians of Mindoro are a hardly people used to battling all types of disasters, natural or man-made. They are as hardy as the fierce buffalo species known as the tamaraw, which is found in Mindoro and nowhere else in the world. The early Christian missionaries who came to Mindoro as early as 1570 had to learn this kind of attacked the coastal settlements, and these settlements finally had to be abandoned along with those of Palawan, a neighboring island. Later expeditions tried to regain these settlements but were not successful until the Spaniards learned to build forts. Toward the end of the Spanish regime, the Moslem raids subsided.

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Keep abreast with events taking place in the Apostolic Vicariate of Calapan. Keep up with the most recent events from the parish level to the apostolic level. These occurrences are evidence of the Church’s vitality in reaction to the adoption of Apostolic initiatives.

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Mount Halcon

Mount Halcon is the natural dividing barrier of Oriental and Occidental Mindoro. It is one of the icons of Oriental Mindoro and is the highest peak in the province. Its height of 2,586 meters (8,484 ft) makes it the 18th highest mountain in the Philippines. It is also one of the best hiking destinations and one of the toughest mountains to climb in the country featuring long, often steep trails through dense jungle, crystal-clear waters from its rivers, as well as a magnificent summit with the view of a breathtaking sea of clouds.